The word of the Lord came to me saying…..Son and Daughter know that this is the hour that I am taking you to a place of possession and great acquisition says the Lord. For even has I command Abram to come out of his father’s house and go to a place that he know not of but I will show him. There are many of you have been in a place of being comfortable and content with your present state, condition and comfort zones but I am leading you and directing you to another realm in Me. I am calling you out of the old places and your familiar place of settlement and into on a journey with me to a pilgrimage of destiny in the earth that you will fulfill says the Lord.

For this is the season where I am calling out to cause you to enter into. I am calling you from being down at time to a place of great heights in Me. I am calling you from being under to a place of being up with great stability and balance. For know says the Lord I Am with you and I am summoning you to a place of authority, power, influence and godly esteem. I am calling you to a place to see a distance of the width, the height, the breathe, length and dimension of the territory that I have establish for you like Canaan says the Lord. But before you see it to seize it. I Am requiring you to cut off the Lot’s in your life that is not ready to go with you. I am causing you to acquire a lot but you but must make a decision in this season to identify the LOT’S in your life that is hindering you from fully walking into your promise place.

For you shall live in houses that you have not built and possess lands that you have not owned says the Lord. For this season in your life has been questionable and many you don’t know what is going on. There are unexpected layoffs from jobs and terminations. There are unexpected accidents, expenses and bills that keep acclimating. There are unexpected deaths and loses that has pulled on your heart. There are debt that keeps piling up, recurring health issues, financial struggles, hard to get a great paying job, people are losing your church, hard to start a book, finish college because some setbacks but know that I am breaking you free from the unnecessary stress and burdens and causing you to swim above the river currents and stand firm on the word of the Lord.

I Am settling things for you and I am bringing peace says the Lord. Don’t worry or fear for that is what the enemy desires for you to do. This gives him legal access to continue his attacks. Decree and declare over your life the word of Life and you shall see in the days ahead that things is working out in your favor says the Spirit of the LORD.

By Dr. Hakeem Collins



  1. DaughteroftheMostHigh : July 30, 2014 at 8:36 pm

    Praise God for this word. Right on point. He is identifying the LOTS and He already started the removal process. Thank God.

  2. Thank you Prophet! I was just strolling and thru Devine guidance found your prophesy! God Bless you to continue on in his endeavors. I am excited to purchase your book! All God’s best,Gregori

  3. I know this was from June but it spoke to me now. Thank you for allowing God to use you.

  4. OMGGGG! Your words are like “sharp arrows” hitting every target in my life right now! I just “happened across this June 18th “word”!
    I’m leaning back and shouting “BULL’S EYE”!

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