Our Mission

Hakeem Collins Ministries (HCM), is dedicated and committed to serving all spheres of influence, authority, and grace that the Lord as commissioned this ministry to undertake. This strong apostolic, prophetic kingdom ministry of Hakeem Collins Ministries aim is towards “FATHERHOOD” and “COVENANT RELATIONSHIP”. I Corinthians 4:15 says, “For though ye have ten thousands instructors in Christ, yet have yet not many FATHER: for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel of the kingdom. Our mission is to empower a generation to fulfill their destiny and maximize their full potential through teaching and impartation.

Hakeem Collins Ministries is an apostolic fathering ministry. A father is the heart beat of the vision. Only the father can teach his children how to transfer the vision from their five physical senses (soul, the part of a man that easily quits), into the Centre of the heart sub conscience mind (revelation) where a child matures from a child into a son who is willing to defend the ministry (vision) at any cost. Be a father to a child and you have given them everything to life, a father allow the child to use its nose (discernment) and to know from right and wrong, truth and error, and what is God and demonic, the eyes to see (prophetically) what the Lords wants to do in their own lives and strategically know the plans of God for others, the ears (obedience) to hear the Fathers voice and respond to the fathers’ call in the act of obedience and total submission to His word.

Our Mission is...

To develop strategic alliances with five-fold ministries which promote the advancement of the kingdom.

To develop national and international Schools of the Prophets that mobilize global leaders equipped to impact their sphere of influence.

To confront racial, denominational and cultural barriers by raising up a multi-ethnic company of prophets.

To facilitate societal transformation through Schools of the supernatural, prophetic, prayers and intercession and host regional gatherings, conferences, and meetings.

To reform nations to change generation with the culture of the kingdom.Raising up an apostolic family army of five-fold leaders who are called to equip the saints to do the work of kingdom ministry.

To impact, reform and transform nations to become a kingdom nation and raise up fathers of fathers, leaders of leaders and world changers.

To serve as an apostolic covering to present and future sons and daughters through covenant relationship.

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