The Bible says “so a man thinketh in his heart so is he” (Prov. 23:7). In other words you are what you think. The Father wants His people to become more “healed conscious” than “sick conscious.” I believe we must have an “already” healed mentality to set in motion the manifestation of healing that we speak it forth in faith. The Bible goes on to say “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth will speak.” We have to meditate, confess, read, study the Word of God that pertains to healing and the ministry of healing through Jesus and ask the Holy Spirit to teach us the principle of the healing and the kingdom. Oftentimes, people give up on their own personal healing because they don’t see instant results but who that is out of shape goes into the gym to gain muscles and expect total transformation over night? Or a farmer that plants seed of vegetation or fruits in the cultivated soil and expects a great harvest over night? It take a gradual process to obtain the result that you made up in your mind to receive. Fight back by commanding, ordering and speaking to that mountain daily until it becomes a valley.

Likewise with healing and the word of healing in God’s Word. There are times where people are instantly healed without much labor and there are those who doesn’t. But we must understand that if we are healed instantly or gradually healed, what will you do if the symptom comes back or reoccur? Will you give up, accept the sickness or disease? Or you fight back and do the necessary actions to destroy the works of satan. You must know that the enemy will always attack us when we are at our most vulnerable place. This book is just a guide to help you fight back and knowing that Jesus is the Healer and Miracle Worker.

When I pray for someone for a miracle, healing and breakthrough, I am honest with myself to know that cannot do anything without the Holy Spirit and that I am not the healer and that I am not able to heal everyone or all nor am I able to forgive everyone or all for their sins. I am not God but just a yield vessel and servant that He uses as a conduit of love. I also know that it’s not in my name that a person I am praying for is healed but in the name of Jesus only! It is Jesus Himself through me by the Holy Spirit that is working the miracle or healing. Whenever it’s me and not Christ then there is real impact. The primary source and ingredient to healing is that love and compassion is focus. Jesus was moved with compassion which causes all to be healed and their faith in Him and His reputation caused them to receive their healing.

Some blind men in the Word of God would even confess that Jesus was “Lord” without ever seeing Him personally working a miracle or healing but just by the very fact that “heard” what He done to others in need of healing and a miracle caused them to get His attention when He was passing by and they receive their healing. As you confess and command your healing daily, you are announcing in the spiritual realm His promises over your life. Ultimately, knowing that you are filled with the “love” of Christ and when you are filled with His love and Spirit then there is no place for sickness to take resident.

God didn’t curse you or cause you to go through this for a reason to teach you something or that He is mad at you or allow things that you may be facing to happen. We must understand that things in life does happen that is out of our control and something may have been a consequence of things that we may been ignorant of. Today is a day and season to arise out of the life’s rut and soar above the odds. You are a winner and today is a day for your miracle and healing. I recall an account in the Word of God with a man who was a Roman Centurion servant who came to Jesus needing His assistance because of his boy servant was ill. Jesus offered to come to the centurion man’s house to perform a healing, but the Roman centurion suggested that Jesus would perform the healing at a distance instead. The centurion man said to Jesus, Lord, I do not deserve to have you come under my roof. But just speak the word, and my servant will be healed (Matt. 8:8).

We can see that the centurion obviously believed in Jesus’ power and understood the authority that Jesus possessed. If he didn’t, he would not have come that far to seek Jesus out and to ask Him to perform a healing. This is a person who recognized and understand Jesus for who He is. The Roman centurion had authority and came to Jesus in humility and subjected himself under Jesus authority. You can see in the response when Jesus said that He would come to his home and the centurion replied that he didn’t feel that he deserve that Jesus would even come under his roof. The second remarkable thing about this man is his faith in the word of Christ and the authority in the word itself that can produce the healing he requested. The point that I am trying to make is that this man’s faith amazed Jesus because he believed Christ’s words before he ever saw the works.

In other words, He had faith to believe for someone’s healing just by the spoken Word of Christ before the healing work took place. God is wanting you to become like the Roman centurion man to believe the commands of healing through the word of God to believe for you healing and miracle before you see it manifest. This book will help you to see it before you seize it. The man understood that all Jesus had to do is just speak the word, or just say the word and it is done. Why? Because a man who is in authority and have people under his command and direct orders can obey his words of commands and his subject responds to his orders, in like manner, the man wanted Jesus who is in authority to just command healing to take place for his ill servant, that sickness will respond and obey the word of Jesus. What are you commanding to happen in your life? Don’t allow sickness, illness or pain to live in you anymore. SPEAK UP and COMMAND YOUR HEALING TODAY! (blog excerpts is from unpublished manuscript, Command Your Healing by Hakeem Collins, 2016 to be later published by his publisher Destiny Image Publisher)

Dr. Hakeem Collins is a new prophetic and apostolic voice and governmental minister with a unique anointing in the prophetic, healings and the supernatural. He is a sought-after conference speaker, produces a weekly radio program called “The VOICE,” and author of Born to Prophesy and new book Heaven Declares. He is CEO of Champions International based in Wilmington, Delaware, where he resides. Contact him at:


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